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NYC/NJ Goth/Industrial Outings

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This is the LJ touchpoint of the NYC/NJ Goth/Industrial Outings Yahoo group. Take a look at its front page to see what we're all about. Basically, a few years ago, the group was created to encourage people in the scene to meet and get to know each other outside of the clubs - while most of us certainly do hit the clubs regularly, we also have many diverse interests, and love to get together and do different things. And I mean just about anything - all you need is an open mind.

The general idea is someone suggests an outing, then a poll is put up to decided on date/time/other details, and then, well, we get together!

So, if you're interested, join the Yahoo group - while all outing announcements will also be posted here, polls/photos and other aspects will remain at Yahoo - the LJ community is more for convenience.